Beyond the economic accomplishments, trade policies fairly negotiated, exceptional foreign policy successes culminating with pro-Israel decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem…

Beyond the inspirational sound bites of the „we will never be a Socialist country!”, my favorite moment was the pro-life segment, unequivocally and unhesitatingly arguing against the crime of abortion!

There and then I was completely won over, convinced that President Trump is truly on the threshold of greatness!

If he is truly sincere and committed, if he is really seeking God in the great task of leading this nation as it surely seems, my dear friends… if God is on his side, look out for revival in this country and beyond!

President Trump, thank you!


Sustine – Doneaza. Dumnezeu te va rasplatii!

Sustine – Doneaza

Sustine – Doneaza


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Sustine. Dumnezeu te va rasplati!

Sustine. Dumnezeu te va rasplati!

Sustine. Dumnezeu te va rasplati!


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